Iowa Podcasters Creating Programming They Want to Hear

May 16, 2018

According to the media research company, Nielson, 50 percent of U.S. households are fans of at least one podcast. That’s more than 60 million homes across the country. 

We wondered if Iowans were producing their own podcasts, what they are talking about and why. So, during this hour of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with the producers of several podcasts based in Iowa, including a nurse who takes you behind the scenes of the night shift, farmers who want to know more about what their neighbors are growing, and Spanish speakers who wanted webisodes in their native language.

Med Room Chronicles: Nursing Uncensored

Adrienne Behning starting producing this podcast by nurses for nurses because it's something she wished she had as a nursing student. 

On Farm: Practical Farmers of Iowa Podcast

A podcast for farmers and those interested in growing things. 

The Short Coat Podcast

A podcast for medical students, produced by medical students and David Etler of the University of Iowa Medical School. 

Que Pasa Iowa?

This is a new Spanish language webisode. They talk about everything from politics to community events.

Buddha at the Gas Pump

This is for those who geek out talking about ideas of religion and spirituality. It's produced out of Fairfield, Iowa.

Political Party Live!

Political Party Live! is both a podcast and an event which is unabashedly progressive and hosted by millennials who are working to get their peers interested in politics.