Iowa Place Names: U - Z

Sep 14, 2017

-U-       -V-       -W-       -X-       -Y-       -Z-

Vining: VINE – ing

Viola: VAI-oh-luh (first syllable gets the accent and rhymes with "eye")

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Wapello: WAAH–puh-lo

Wapsipinicon: wahp-si-PIN-ih-con [final syllable is often a "schwa"]

Wever: WEE-ver (like "Weaver")

What Cheer: I have heard four variants from current residents in September, 2015: 1) whuh-cheer (no "t" sound, syllables connected); 2) What Cheer (WITH the "t" sound, as in the ordinary pronunciation); (3) Wah- cheer (first syllable almost like "wha-wha"), 4) WAT cheer

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