Iowa Place Names: P - T

Sep 14, 2017

-P-       -Q-       -R-       -S-       -T-

Palo: PAY-low

Peoria: Residents say Peoria (like the town in Illlinois) - or PURE-ree or PEER-ree

Peosta: Pee-AHSS-tuh

Pisgah: Pizz-guh

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Quasqueton: Residents say either kwass-KWEE-ton or KWASS-kwih-Ton

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Readlyn: REED-lin

Rolfe: Rawlf (that is, one syllable)

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Sabula: Suh-BYOO-luh

Sherman Township: I'm not even gonna take a chance on this one!

Sigourney: SIH-gurney

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Tabor: TAY-burr

Tama: TAY-muh

Titonka: tie-TAHN-kuh

Traer: Trare (rhymes with "rare")

Tripoli: trih- POE- luh

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