Iowa Place Names: K - O

Sep 14, 2017

-K-       -L-       -M-       -N-       -O-

Kamrar: KAAM - rahr

Keokuk: Residents pronounce it more than one way. Common options include KEE-uh-Kuck and KYOH-kuck. Some residents include an "l" sound in the second syllable: KEE-uhl-kuck  and kee-UHL-kuck.

Keosauqua: Residents differ, but the most common is kee-uh -SAH- kwuh. (But residents also report hearing kee-oh-SAH-kwuh, kee-uh-SAW-kwuh, and Kuh-saw-kwa.)

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Lake Ahquabi: uh-KWAH -bee

Lamoni: Luh-MOE-ni [Last syllable like eye, the organ of sight]

La Porte City: Luh PORT City (not "Lah" Port - the "le" is a schwa)

Leighton: LIE -tuhn

Leon: LEE-ahn

Loess Hills: Luss Hills

Lorimor: LORE-ih-mur

Louisa: Loo-EYE-za [Middle syllable like the organ of sight]

Lowden: LOUD-in

Luana: lu-WAY-nuh

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Madrid: MAA-drid

Maharishi Vedic City: Muh-HUHRSH-ee VAY-dik City [Hindi/Sanskrit-like pronunciation, preferred by some residents] or MA-ha-REE-shee VAY-dik city [Americanized pronunciation, most often used]

Maloy: Muh-LOY

Maquoketa: Muh-KOKE-uh-tuh

Mediapolis: Mee-dee-AAH-poh-liss

Milan: MY –laan (also heard: MY-lin)

Milo: MY-low

Mondamin: mahn-DAY-muhn

Monticello: Mon-tih- SELL –o

Moravia: More-RAY-vee-uh

Moscow: You say MUSS-cow, you say MAHSS-cow - I've heard both from residents.

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Nashua: NAAH- shoe–uh

Nevada: neh -VAY –duh

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Ocheyedan: oh-CHEE-din

Odebolt: Oh-de-Bolt

Oelwein: OLE-wine

Okoboji: oh-kuh-BO-jee (although some old-timers said oh--kuh-BO-juh)

Osceola: OH-see-OH-luh

Ossian: AW-shen or AH-shen

Owasa: oh-WAH-sah

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