Iowa Place Names: F - J

Sep 14, 2017

-F-       -G-       -H-       -I-       -J-

Festina: Fes-TIE-nuh

Froelich: FRAY-lick

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Gerled: JURR-led

Gowrie: GOW-ree (like cow, with a hard "g")

Granger: GRAIN-jer (like Hermione, the Muggle-born Gryffindor)

Guttenberg: GUTTin-burg

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Holstein: Hole-steen

Hopkinton: This one is under discussion! Many people have told me that natives say the second syllable without the "n" and with an accent on the first syllable - Hop-kitten - but when I call people in Hopkinton, they insist that there is some "n" sound in the second syllable. What's your view? Let us know!

Houghton: HUFF-tun

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Imogene: IM- uh-jeen

Ionia: eye- OWN -yuh

Iowa: EYE -o – wuh ... or EYE- uh-wuh.... or EYE -wuh. [Three syllables or two? I've heard all the above used by residents. Many of us use two syllables, but when an announcer says it that way on the radio it can lead to complaints. By the way, I've never personally heard a resident call the state Ioway, although that doesn't prove anything. And off the way, a 1912 pronunciation guide cautions against the mispronunciation "i-OH-wuh," suggesting that some people said it that way.]

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