Iowa GOP Chair Confident About Tuesday's Election

Nov 7, 2016

Iowa is generally considered a swing state, but polling indicates that Iowans will likely be reelecting U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley and deliver the state’s six electoral votes to presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Jeff Kaufmann, Chair of the Iowa Republican Party, adds it’s also possible the state’s two most moderate districts will reelect their freshman Republican congressman, and the state Senate could very well flip to a GOP majority. Since it's unlikely Republicans will lose control of the House, the Iowa General Assembly and the governorship may soon be controlled by the GOP. 

To seize the Senate, Republicans need only win three seats. Kaufmann says the GOP could pick up as many as five. 

"I feel very good," says Kaufmann. "I’ve answered maybe three or four different questions from various reporters both statewide and national reporters, asking about whether Iowa is turning red. I guess we’re going to get confirmation on that on November 9, but it certainly seems looks a whole lot more like a setting sun rather than a deep-blue ocean."

But Iowa Democratic Chair Andy McGuire says she doesn't think the Republicans have enough organizational strength to run the board on Tuesday.

"We are doing an incredible job of turnout," says McGuire. "We're going to work until 9:00 pm tomorrow."

The race for one Senate seat won't be held until December 27, via special election. Democratic State Sen. Joe Seng of Davenport died of cancer in September, he won reelection and a four-year term back in 2014.

Democrats have yet to pick a candidate to challenge Republican Mike Gonzales, a LeClaire police officer. 

Radio Iowa's Kay Henderson contributed to this report.