Imported Windmills, Matchstick Models, and Hobo Jungles--Iowa's Unexpected Attractions

Sep 25, 2014

Maybe your parents took you to the American Gothic House in Eldon when you were a kid. Or maybe you stopped by the Field of Dreams in Dyersville on a road trip. But have you been to the Salt and Pepper Shaker Gallery in Traer?

There are the Iowa attractions we all know and love, like the Grotto of the Redemption or the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.  But there are also attractions sprinkled throughout the state you'd have to see to believe, like the United States' only working Danish windmill or a museum in Britt with a full re-creation of a "hobo jungle."

On this Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe talks with Lori Erickson, author of Iowa Off the Beaten Path. Guests from Elk Horn, Ida Grove, Britt, Traer, and Gladbrook also join the conversation to share their hometowns' contribution to Iowa culture.