House Targets Handicapped Parking Cheaters

Apr 1, 2015

The party may soon be over if you’ve been using a handicapped parking permit in your vehicle without being handicapped.  

The Iowa House voted unanimously to eliminate non-expiring permits and require drivers to reapply for them every five years instead.     

Moulton Republican Larry Sheets says some people are cheating:

“This bill addresses the problem with non-expiring placards,” Sheets says.  “They continue well beyond the death of the disabled in the hands of children or grandchildren.  Such misuse of these placards keeps a needy person from finding an available parking spot.”

Iowa City Democrat Mary Mascher says it’s a big problem.

“We've all seen people park in handicapped spots where they shouldn't be,” Mascher says.  “We're trying to accomplish some accountability.”

The Department of Transportation would continue to issue the traditional 6 month permits, but for longer permission to park in handicapped spots, a driver would have to reapply with a doctor’s orders.    Various groups who advocate for the disabled favor the bill.     

The bill must pass a Senate committee by Friday according to the legislature’s self-imposed deadline.