The Hort Gang: Heritage Trees

Sep 18, 2015

With Iowa trees readying themselves for fall and the changing colors of leaves, look no further than Ames, Iowa for a new healthy seedling.  Bill Graves, Associate Dean of the Graduate College and Professor of Horticulture at Iowa State University, says he is excited about the Swamp White Oaks offered this year.  Graves loves to see people who enthusiastically purchase trees from ISU as well as discovering what becomes of those trees.

"Occasionally I get email messages from purchasers reporting on the progress of their seedlings and sending me pictures.  And that's always interesting to see," Graves says.  "It's fun to think about the genetic heritage of the Iowa State campus being extended around the country to alums and other supporters of the university."

This hour, Graves, along with Iowa State University Extension horticulturist Richard Jauron and DNR District Forester Mark Vitosh of Iowa City speak with Charity Nebbe on our weekly "Hort Gang" broadcast.