Home Improvement Day: Windows

Apr 12, 2018

Windows might be drafty, impossible to open, impossible to close, or constantly covered in condensation. Figuring out what to do with faulty windows is a challenge that many homeowners face, especially as the seasons change.

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe tackles your window-related questions with home improvement expert Bill McAnally.

According to McAnally, many of the problems that windows develop are a product of incorrect installation. He says that you can destroy both the inside and outside of a house by not following the directions that come with a new window.

This particularly applies to leaky windows.

"There's no way that if somebody puts a window in correctly that it should be leaking water. If you think your windows are going bad and you see water running, it's not necessarily the window, it's how they put the window in."

When you're hiring someone to install new windows, McAnally says to ask them if they install according to ASTM 2112 standards.

"If they glaze over, move on to the next person, because that's the national standard for putting them in correctly."

In terms of materials to avoid, wood windows that aren't varnished or painted risk greater exposure to the elements and will not last. McAnally recommends vinyl or fiberglass instead. When you're working with older windows, it's best to hire a professional with lead certification rather than doing it yourself.