Hear Fathom's In-Studio Renaissance Set

Mar 2, 2014

If you missed the in-studio live set of Renaissance music by Fathom, not to worry - Fortune has smiled on you! You can listen to the mp3 with the widget below or to a WAV file at this link.  The group performed music written from the 1400s through February, 2014 (by Mary Larew, a native of Iowa and member of Fathom), all of it focused on the theme of Lady Luck. The six members of Fathom each have distinguished careers in early music (and in some cases, new music as well). They are:

  • Mary Larew, a composer, singer, and instrumentalist, who recently finished her Ph.D. in medieval music at the UK's University of York, where she was a Marshall Scholar.
  • Viola da gamba virtuosos Loren Ludwig of Grinnell College, Zoe Weiss, and Kivie Cahn-Lipman (who as a cellist is also the founder of ICE, the International Contemporary Ensemble).
  • Singers Robin Bier and Michael Barrett, who both also have notable careers as ensemble directors
    Fathom in IPR's Studio One in Cedar Falls, February 28, 2014
    Credit Barney Sherman