Health Care Bill Advances

Jul 26, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence breaks a tie in the Senate vote to proceed with debate on a health care bill. So now what?

The Senate Republican health care push is back. High drama, low data on what may emerge. Vice President Mike Pence came as the tie-breaker to put something back in play. Senators didn’t know what. John McCain rose from his hospital stay to call for order, and cast a vote that could deny coverage to millions. Mitch McConnell wants something passed, and he wants its fast. This hour On Point: Health care back on the operating table. Plus, we’ll look at a clash between Fox News and The New York Times. — Tom Ashbrook


Noam Levey, national health care reporter for the Los Angeles Times. (@NoamLevey)

Lisa Desjardins, correspondent for the PBS NewsHour. (@LisaDNews)

From Tom’s Reading List

Los Angeles Times: With Pence breaking a tie, Senate votes to begin debate on Obamacare repeal bill — “Republicans narrowly advanced their campaign to roll back the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday, as the Senate voted by a slim margin to begin debating legislation to repeal and potentially replace large sections of the 2010 law signed by President Obama. But the partisan 51-50 vote — with Vice President Mike Pence breaking a tie — does not assure success of the GOP’s seven-year quest to dismantle the sweeping law, often called Obamacare.”

POLITICO: Republicans vote to move ahead on Obamacare repeal — “Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), recently diagnosed with brain cancer, entered the chamber to a standing ovation and cast the 50th Republican vote. GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska broke ranks to oppose the measure, forcing Vice President Mike Pence to break a 50-50 tie.”

PBS NewsHour: The Senate voted to open debate on health care. Now what? — “Lawmakers will put forward some version of the Senate-passed bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). Which of those versions depends on a secondary vote, which would seek to amend THAT bill with plans from Sens. Ted Cruz and Rob Portman on market regulation and Medicaid, respectively. (An amendment would likely be hybrid of those plans, incorporating the Cruz amendments and adding more money for states to stabilize their health insurance markets).”

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