H.D. Harmsen’s first release on vinyl “Papoose”

Apr 30, 2013

One of the biggest changes for the music industry is the shift from publishing music on CDs, to downloadable music files.  There are still artists who prefer their music be available on a tangible medium, even one as old as vinyl.  In Iowa the two year old label Maximum Ames Records, publishes all of its titles on vinyl, including H.D. Harmsen’s first album which is out this week.  Dustin Harmsen has been in bands since he was a teenager, but this is his first solo collection.  Chris Ford, co-founder of Maximum Ames Records and leader of the band Christopher the Conquered, produced “Papoose” in an all analog studio.  Ford and Harmsen say they prefer listening to full length collections from vinyl.

Expanded video version of this story featuring Dustin Harmsen, Chris Ford, and excerpts from the album "Papoose".