Haunted Iowa

Oct 30, 2014

Looking for a haunted house to visit this Halloween? 

According to Chad Lewis, who wrote the book about Iowa hauntings, such houses do exist here in Iowa. He says there’s also lore about hauntings all over, not just in houses.

“We hear stories about a phantom hitchhiker all over the country… Here in Iowa, there’s a female hitchhiker who is said to be dressed like she’s from the 1800’s walking along highway 30 near Burlington. People have been convinced that they’ve seen her and then stopped to pull over and the figure was gone.”

During this hour on Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe talks with Vernon Trollinger, author of Haunted Iowa City and Chad Lewis, author of The Iowa Road Guide to Haunted Locations. Barb Huyser, who investigates the supernatural in Iowa, also joins the conversation.