Grassley says Sessions "Is a Person of Integrity"

Nov 29, 2016

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, met with Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama this morning to discuss his nomination for U.S. Attorney General. Grassley’s committee will consider the appointment before the entire Senate votes.

In 1986, Sessions was rejected for a federal judgeship due to allegations of racially insensitive remarks, some of which he says were taken out of context, and others he denies. Grassley was on the Judiciary Committee at the time, and voted in favor of Sessions, though he says he couldn’t recall the hearing.

However Grassley says he’s not concerned with the appointment, calling Sessions a person of integrity.

"He's a person who is faithfully going to execute the laws," says Grassley. "After serving with him 22 years in the United States Senate, I have not heard anything that would fall into the category of what apparently he did before 1986," says Grassley. "Senators known him to be a fair and even-minded person."

Grassley says he plans to hold a hearing for Sessions before President-elect Trump takes office.