Grassley Says He's Not Avoiding Trump

Aug 9, 2016

Sen. Chuck Grassley says his schedule has prevented him from attending any of three rallies GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has held in Iowa since the Republican National Convention. But Iowa’s senior U.S. Senator says he does support the candidate. 

Though many Republicans have distanced themselves from Trump, Grassley says that’s not the case with him.

"Listen, all you got to do is go to one of my town meetings," says Grassley. "I don’t know whether these are people that are Republicans thinking that I am not backing Trump, or it’s Democrats that want to get me on the trackers’ records. But I’m asked at almost every town meeting, 'Am I supporting Trump?’ And of course I’ve announced that a couple months ago."

Grassley says the next event he and Trump will likely both attend is Senator Joni Ernst’s second annual “Roast and Ride” fundraiser. He adds, it's too far into the future to know whether he’ll attend any Trump rallies in September and October.