Grassley Plans To Vote "Yes" On Motion To Proceed

Jul 25, 2017

Sen. Chuck Grassley says he plans to vote “Yes” on a motion to proceed with debate on a bill that repeals the Affordable Care Act. If it passes, this vote won’t repeal Obamacare, but it is a key procedural step towards what has been the goal of Republican senators for the past seven years.

Grassley says voting to proceed allows for a more inclusive process.

"Instead of having just 52 Republicans talk about it, and 48 Democrats voting against the motion to proceed and not talking to Republicans at all, it gets all 100 senators involved in the discussion that will go on for four or five days, and any amendments, Republican or Democrat can be brought up," he says.

There are actually 46 Democratic senators and two independents who caucus with the Democrats.

Earlier this year a group of GOP senators crafted an Obamacare repeal bill in private. Grassley defended his party’s leadership, which was criticized for being overly secretive for not showing the bill to both Democrats and many members of the Republican caucus.