Grassley Not Taking A Position Yet On Insurance Caps And Essential Benefits

Jul 11, 2017

Sen. Chuck Grassley says he hasn’t decided whether he’ll vote for or against a healthcare bill that would allow insurance companies to limit what they’d pay for certain services.

The Senate Obamacare repeal bill proposes allowing states to redefine which services insurance companies are required to cover. The concern is this could result in dollar limits for things like hospitalizations or prescription drugs.

Grassley says senators are still submitting amendments, so he’s not ready to take a position until he’s seen the final bill.

"We’ve got a very bad situation in Iowa that I’ve got to be cognizant of," he says. "There may be a bill that has some things in it that I don’t like. But I’ve got to do what’s best so Iowans can buy health insurance."

On Saturday Grassley tweeted that Republican Senators should be ashamed they haven’t passed a bill by now, and that "WE WILL GO FROM MAJORITY TO MINORITY."