GOP Lawmaker Proposes Expanding 'Stand Your Ground' Law in Iowa

A Republican lawmaker is proposing a change to Iowa's self-defense law, saying that Iowa needs to rewrite a so-called 'stand your ground' statute.

"I feel that we’re limiting people the ability to stand up and protect themselves," says Mark Chelgren, a Republican Senator from Ottumwa. His bill "strikes the clause under the state's reasonable force statue that 'requires one to abandon or retreat'" if s/he feels threatened. 

During this half hour of River to River, Chelgren talks with host Ben Kieffer, and Iowa Public Radio statehouse correspondent Joyce Russell about his proposal. 

Representative Mary Wolfe, a democrat from Clinton, says Iowa the statute does need cleaning up. She says she doesn't know of a case in Iowa where someone as claiming to be standing their ground in self defense and were found guilty. 

"We do have a 'stand your ground' law--there is such a narrow exception of when you're not allowed to stand your ground. I'm not aware of a case in Iowa where someone has said that they acted in self-defense and were found guilty," she says. "Here's what I will say: it's not as clear as it should be, but with all due respect to Senator Chelgren's legislation, I think that this would muddy the waters and make it much more confusing." 

You can read Senator Chelgren's proposed bill here. 

The second half of the show includes a segment from this past Thursday's "Pints and Politics" hosted by The Gazette and Iowa Public Radio. Co-hosts, Ben Kieffer of IPR and Jennifer Hemmingsen of The Gazette, moderate a discussion on legislative proposals this session, including cell phone use and driving, water quality, education funding, and a statewide minimum wage.

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