Ghostbelly - "I Was the Mother of a Stillborn Baby"

May 12, 2014

Elizabeth Heineman and her baby were healthy for her entire 9 month pregnancy; it was when she went into labor that something went wrong.

In the end, the baby she had lovingly nicknamed “Thor” in the womb was born without a heartbeat. She says she wrote her new memoir “Ghostbelly” to start a conversation about stillbirth. “There is so much silence surrounding stillbirth. When it happened to me, there were lots of people who had questions they weren’t comfortable asking me face to face.”

“Ghostbelly,” is Heineman’s account of her pregnancy, stillbirth and the time she and her family got to spend with her deceased baby before the burial. During this interview, she talks with Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe about her experience coming to terms with giving birth to a stillborn baby.