Frank Abagnale on Identity Fraud and the Future of Theft

Oct 3, 2017

In his late teens and early 20s, Frank Abagnale cashed $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in every state and in 26 foreign countries. Today, he consults with the U.S. government on identity theft and fraud prevention. 

"I've worked with the FBI for 41 years now. I've taught at the academy for 41 years now. I've worked for some of the biggest corporations in the world, and I think I've come a long way since that 16 year old boy," Abagnale says. 

During this hour of River to River, he talks with host Ben Kieffer about the Equifax information breach, the ways fraudsters are trying to take advantage of Iowans, and who is a most likely target for scammers.