Four Democratic County Auditors Consider Secretary of State Run in 2018

Apr 10, 2017

Four Democratic county auditors say they are considering running for secretary of state in 2018.

They all say they are concerned about a voter ID bill working its way through the legislature and with how Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate has promoted it.

Scott County Auditor Roxanna Moritz is considering entering the race. 

“I think [the voter ID bill] is playing a significant role in respect to the manner in which Secretary of State Pate chose to deal with the auditors association and some Democrats who got involved in that process,” says Moritz. 

She adds she did not appreciate Pate "chastising" auditors during a meeting about the voter ID bill last month. 

The Iowa State Association of County Auditors opposed the voter ID bill at first, but it has not taken an official position on the current version.

Travis Weipert of Johnson County, Jamie Fitzgerald of Polk County and Eric Van Lancker of Clinton County are also considering entering the race for secretary of state.