Former President Clinton Hits the Iowa Campaign Trail

Jan 7, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton stopped by the New Bo City Market in Cedar Rapids during the noon lunch hour today.  It’s where Hillary Clinton, who is campaigning to be the next president, held a rally on Monday.

After handshaking and picturing taking, the former President went on to the nearby Czech and Slovak Museum to promote her candidacy.  He arrived about an hour later than scheduled but that didn’t seem to bother the estimated 500 people waiting.  Clinton spent most of the 50-minutes appearance listing Hillary’s achievements.

“Everything she touches, she makes something good out of it,” he said. “I do not believe in my lifetime, we have had a president that was more prepared, not only by experience, but by temperament to step in to this incredible mix of promise and peril.”

Bill Clinton then moved on to a similar rally at Dubuque’s Hotel Julian.