Flooding Continues As Rainwater Flows Southeast

Dec 15, 2015

Parts of Iowa are still facing flooding as a result of this past weekend’s rain. The National Weather Service says as rainwater in central Iowa flows southeast into rivers and streams, agricultural fields and low-lying roads will be submerged. 

"The one thing to note though is that the streams widen as they go down stream, so they they can handle more water" says NWS meteorologist Rod Donavon. "The impacts will be lessened as we get down towards the Ottumwa area, for example, on the Des Moines River." 

In the next seven days, Donavon predicts precipitation to be fairly light. There may be a little rain or snow in northern Iowa, but nothing that will impact stream levels.

To see if there is a chance of flooding in your area the University of Iowa and the National Weather Service both have online maps to track conditions around the state.