Flash in a Pan's high energy revs up crowds

Mar 23, 2016

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," Ben Kieffer hosts Iowa City bluegrass group Flash in a Pan and their high-octane, witty brand of music. 

Check out the podcast below for some pick-me-up tracks from the outfit's new record, Antidote to Sell, and some stories from the band's time on the road. 

In the spring of 2012, Blake Daly and Max Perkhounkov started busking the streets of downtown Iowa City for Friday night thrills, uncovering Iowa City’s love of bluegrass and folk in the nightlife scene. When summer came, Blake and Max got the chance to open up for a national touring act with two days’ notice, thus naming themselves Flash in a Pan with no expectation of a long-term project. After the interest sparked, friendships were made, and a love for strumming together ripened, the expected end point evaporated—but the name stuck.

Flash in a Pan blends folk, indie rock, and bluegrass elements to inspire original compositions and covers, with the aim to ramble across the Midwest to rumble dance floors and street corners. The current lineup features Blake Daly (Guitar, Vocals), Max Perkhounkov (Fiddle), Jacob Zumwalt (Washboard, Vocals), Max Lipnick (Mandolin, Vocals), Loxley Eckles V (Bass), and Alex Flesher (Banjo, Vocals).