Fixing Frozen Pipes

Jan 18, 2018

It starts as a minor inconvenience with no water coming out of the tap, but frozen pipes can quickly turn into a major crisis. During this hour of Talk of Iowa, home improvement expert Bill McAnally joins host Charity Nebbe to talk about caring for and inspecting your pipes. 

"Go around before it gets cold and inspect your pipes," he says. "Know what they look like before it gets this cold. Get the pipes away from where there is cold, and insulate the pipes. You may have to replace them, or move them somewhere where they are away from an outside wall. Also: don't hesitate to call a plumber." 

During this hour, McAnally also takes listener calls. A plumber was one of those callers during this hour, and her advice: put a box fan blowing room temperature or warm air into your crawl spaces. 

"You only have to keep the pipes above 32 degrees to keep them from freezing," she says. "I've been in crawl spaces a lot lately, and my best advice is put a fan on them. Don't let the water trickle slowly; that can lead to frozen drains."