First Democrat Declares Candidacy for Iowa's Third District

Jul 20, 2015

The first Democrat has jumped into the race for Iowa’s Third Congressional District to challenge Republican Rep. David Young. Desmund Adams, a Clive-based entrepreneur who lost a bid for the state Senate in 2012, announced his candidacy on Monday at Drake University. 

Drake political scientist Dennis Goldford says though Congressman Young is the incumbent, he could be vulnerable because he’s a freshman.

"Usually if somebody can survive that sophomore election...he can be in there as long as he wants almost, barring some scandal," Goldford says. 

Additionally Goldford says since 2016 is a presidential election year, Adams has a stronger than usual chance of beating Young.

"You tend to have a slightly more Democratic electorate, especially women, minorities and young people turning out in a presidential year," Goldford says. "It's a fruitful time for Desmund Adams, or any other Democrat."

Former Gov. Chet Culver, State Sen. Matt McCoy and Jim Mower, who is vice chair of the Iowa Democratic Party and who in 2014 ran against Rep. Steve King in Iowa's Fourth District, may also throw their hats into the ring. 

According to Federal Election Commission fillings, on June 30, Young had $521,708 on hand for his reelection. Since Adams just declared his candidacy the FEC has no public information on his financials and his campaign declined to comment on how much money has been raised.