Finding Joy After the Loss of a Child

Aug 18, 2017

Charlie Cutler of West Des Moines is remembered by friends and family for his infectious smile and cheery disposition. In 2016, Charlie died after a three year battle with cancer. He was 26 years old.

His parents, Diane and Chuck, and his oncologist, Dr. Richard Deming, medical director of Mercy Cancer Center in Des Moines and founder of Above and Beyond Cancer, came to the StoryCorps mobile booth in Des Moines to describe how they honor Charlie's legacy after his death.

Story Corps is a national initiative to record and collect stories of everyday people.

The StoryCorps MobileBooth, an Airstream trailer outfitted with a recording studio, is installed in Cowles Commons in downtown Des Moines. All Iowa reservations are now booked, but please put your name on the waitlist to be called when there are cancelations. When you sign up, please detail in your notes what you'd like to talk about and who you will bring to the booth: this helps StoryCorps staff look for participants to call. Join the wait list by calling StoryCorps’ 24-hour toll-free reservation line at 1-800-850-4406;or visiting