Featured Release This Week From Yo La Tengo

Sep 27, 2015

Stuff Like That There is the 14th full-length album from Yo La Tengo, the pride of Hoboken, New Jersey!  Yo La Tengo easily fit into the indie rock category of "critical favorites/cult band."  Guitarist, keyboard player and vocalist Ira Kaplan and his wife Georgia Hubley (drums, keyboards, vocals) formed the band in 1984.  James McNew has been Yo La Tengo's bassist since 1992.  Guitarist Dave Schramm recently rejoined the band in time to participate in this new album.  Stuff Like That There is reminiscent of the band's 1990 record, Fakebook.  Both albums feature cover songs (Yo La Tengo's taste is eclectic and often obscure), older Yo La Tengo songs re-done in new versions, and some brand new songs written by the band.