Featured Release This Week From Spoon

Apr 24, 2017

Spoon have been a band since 1993, when Britt Daniel and Jim Eno left another Austin, Texas group (The Alien Beats) that they had been in together.  Soon they were releasing music, and by the time of their fourth full-length albumKill The Moonlight in 2002, Spoon began to be recognized as one of the best indie rock bands around.  Their reputation grew with each new release, and has continued up to the present with the new record, Hot Thoughts.  Britt Daniel is Spoon's frontman, singing lead vocals and playing guitar, bass and keyboards.  Jim Eno (drums, programming), Rob Pope (bass, guitar, keyboards) and Alex Fischel (keyboards, guitar)  are the other current members.  Multi-instrumentalist Eric Harvey left Spoon after the last record and tour.  Hot Thoughts contains the prime ingredients for another solid album- Britt Daniel's committed vocals and sometimes quirky lyrics, plus the relentless groove of their music.