Featured Release This Week From Regina Spektor

Nov 6, 2016

Regina Spektor was born in Moscow in 1980, where at 6 years old she began classical training on the piano.  Her family left the Soviet Union in 1989, moving to New York City, where Spektor continued her classical training and also eventually broadened her musical tastes.  In time, she began writing her own songs and performing as part of the "anti-folk" scene in New York's East Village.  She began self-releasing CDs of her music in 2001.  She signed with Sire Records in 2004, and has gone on to great success in recording and touring.  Remember Us To Life is Spektor's seventh album, as entertaining and lyrically intriguing as anything she has done previously.  Regina Spektor's training and her feel for the art of songwriting continue to serve her well on this new record.