Featured Release This Week From Neon Indian

Nov 15, 2015

As I was listening to the new Neon Indian record, VEGA INTL Night School, hearing track after track of sublime electronic dance music, I had the thought that this was the dance pop record every other dance pop oriented band was trying to make in 2015- in other words, the best one I've heard this year.  Neon Indian is Mexican-born Alan Palomo's band.  He moved to San Antonio, Texas as a child.  Palomo attended college in Denton, Texas, and Denton remains his home base.  He had already been writing and performing music in high school, under the name VEGA.  For his third Neon Indian album, Palomo deliberately tried to combine his VEGA  approach with his Neon Indian songs.  The result is VEGA INTL Night School.  It's a great listen, moving along nicely with synth-heavy songs that draw upon elements of funk, reggae, new wave and dance music.