Featured Release This Week From Kurt Vile

Oct 25, 2015

Kurt Vile is a Pennsylvania native who began his musical career creating lo-fi home recordings in Philadelphia.  He worked with his friend Adam Granduciel, and the two of them would eventually form the band The War On Drugs.  Following the release of the debut album from The War On Drugs in 2008, Vile embarked on a solo career.  He has been consistently releasing his own music since then, and the new album b'lieve i'm goin down... is his 6th full-length album.  Vile plays guitar and banjo, along with piano and various keyboards on the record.  b'lieve i'm goin down... clocks in at over an hour, with a deluxe edition that's even longer.  Kurt Vile and his fellow musicians love to find a groove and stretch out, an approach that works well with his often meandering (in a good way), stream of consciousness lyrics.