Featured Release This Week From Jesca Hoop

Mar 12, 2017

Jesca (originally "Jessica") Hoop has a great backstory.  She was born in Santa Rosa, California to a traditional Mormon family.  She grew up singing and harmonizing with her family on folk tunes and hymns.  Her parents separated when she was a teenager, and within a couple of years she had broken away from the Mormon faith.  She moved into the wilderness of Northern California and Wyoming, living off the grid in yurts and various primitive structures.  For a time, Hoop made a living in Arizona as a wilderness survival guide in a rehabilitation program for wayward teens.  Later, she moved to Los Angeles and became a nanny to Tom Waits' children, and that led to her career in music.  She has been recording albums since 2007, and her last release was a 2016 collaborative record with Sam Beam.  The new album is titled Memories Are Now.  In the words of Tom Waits, "(Jesca Hoops') music is like going swimming in a lake at night."