Featured Release This Week From CHVRCHES

Nov 1, 2015

Every Open Eye is the second studio album from the Scottish synthpop band CHVRCHES.  The band is decidedly synthpop, with all three members playing synths and samplers.  Lauren Mayberry is the lead vocalist, with Iain Cook and Martin Doherty also contributing vocals.  Cook also plays guitar and bass in the trio.  CHVRCHES formed in Glasgow in 2011, and they began generating buzz even before their debut full-length album dropped in 2013.  Two years after that very successful record comes the follow up album.  The band worked on Every Open Eye for about five months, writing and producing the music themselves.  CHVRCHES have a massive synthpop sound, and their energy is undeniable.  And by the way, they spell their name with a "V" for a very simple reason- it makes internet searching for them easier.