Featured Release This Week From Beirut

Oct 18, 2015

As you can see in this photo, Beirut is a band.  As is often the case these days, Beirut began as a solo project, with teenage songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zach Condon recording in his bedroom in his hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  When he was 17, Condon traveled to Europe with his older brother.  European music (from the Balkans and France, for example) and "world music" influences are characteristic of Beirut's particular brand of indie rock.  Beirut expanded to a band, with their first live performances in New York around the time of their debut album in 2006.  On their fourth full-length release No No No, Eastern European folk music is a prominent influence.  ​It's an upbeat record despite Condon's recent health issues (now resolved) and divorce.  Currently, Condon plays various keyboards, flugelhorn, trumpet and ukulele in the band.