Featured Release This Week From The Arcs

Oct 4, 2015

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are The Black Keys, a band that continues to grow in popularity.  Meanwhile, Auerbach and Carney each find time to get involved in producing other artists, record solo albums and start up side projects.  For the latter, check out Blakroc, Drummer and The Rentals (not a start up, but an existing band Carney joined last year).  The latest side project is The Arcs.  The debut album Yours, Dreamily began as another Auerbach solo record.  Other musicians became involved (including Richard Swift of The Shins) both as players and co-songwriters with Auerbach.  In a quick two weeks the album was recorded at studios on both coasts, plus Auerbach's own Easy Eye Sound in Nashville.  Departure points for Yours, Dreamily include classic soul and an emphasis on the groove.