Father and Son Talk Faith, Identity, and the Turban

Aug 31, 2017

Des Moines resident Gurwinder Singh Kapur moved to the United States in 1987 to study at the University of Kansas. Gurwinder had originally planned to return home to Singapore after finishing his degree, but he fell in love with America and decided to stay.

He still loves it here, despite the fact that things changed for him, his wife, and their son JJ after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001. Gurwinder recently visited the StoryCorps booth in Des Moines to talk with JJ, now 17, about his decision to wear a turban as an article of his faith, as well as the impact of 9/11 on their family and the Sikh community. 

Story Corps is a national initiative to record and collect stories of everyday people.