Farmer from Iowa Comment and Castration Ad Focus National Attention on Iowa's Senate Race

Mar 26, 2014

Video has surfaced of Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley at a private Texas fundraiser with trial lawyers drawing a stark contrast between a future with him serving on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a future with GOP Senator Charles Grassley Chairing that committee.  In the video, Braley describes Grassley as an "Iowa farmer" who "never went to law school."  Slate has called it the "Gaffe of the year."  Listeners had a lot to say about whether the comments were offensive or much ado about nothing.  Host Ben Kieffer talks with Bruce Nesmith of Coe College and Dennis Goldford of Drake University about whether it will have lasting impact on Braley's propsects for winning a U.S. Senate seat. 

And, the first ad to be released in advance of the June GOP primary for U.S. Senate features State Senator Joni Ernst touting her background as a hog farmer, and suggesting she's ready to "make 'em squeal," by cutting spending in Washington.  The ad also drew much national attention, including a mention on the "Tonight Show."  But, is it effective with Iowa voters?