Farm Bill Fails, Rep. David Young Optimistic on a Future Bill

May 18, 2018

The U.S. House's attempt to pass a farm bill failed this morning.  A number of Republicans were trying to leverage votes for a conservative immigration bill first.

Congressman David Young from Iowa's third district voted for the bill, and he says that he is confident that there will ultimately be a farm bill.  But he says it's tough for farmers especially in light of other trade policies.

"When it comes to trade and tariffs, I'm really concerned with the trade war.  The retaliation comes first against agriculture and it's already starting.  We need more markets, we don't need markets pulled away. It's easy to lose a market, but it's hard to gain them."

Congressman Young joins the conversation for the second half of this news buzz program. 

In the first half, we hear from IPR's Amy Mayer about the bill, and a rundown of candidates for Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture.  We also hear from AP correspondent Ryan Foley about a lawsuit against an Iowa railroad, and since May is Mental Health Awareness month, we talk with NAMI Iowa about recent news.