Family Leader's Vander Plaats: Investigate Sexual Misconduct Claims Involving Trump

Dec 14, 2017

The president and CEO of the conservative advocacy group The Family Leader says Americans have a right to know if President Trump engaged in past sexual misconduct. Bob Vander Plaats says the allegations made by a number of women against the president should not be ignored simply because he says he’s innocent.

"A lot of these ladies came forth in the election, and for whatever reason, the American people said 'we're going to give the presidency to Donald Trump.' That doesn't mean their issue went away because he became president." 

"I think if these ladies need to be heard on this—and I think they probably should be heard, then let's let the facts play out. I don't think it should be really dismissed," he says. 

Vander Plaats says he supports a Congressional investigation of President Trump if the charges prove credible. He backed Texas Senator Ted Cruz during the Republican presidential primary race and was a national co-chair for the Ted Cruz campaign for president in 2016.

During this hour of River to River, Vander Plaats talks with host Ben Kieffer. In the second half of the show, Kedron Bardwell, who is a professor of political science at Simpson College, joins the conversation.