An Epic Musical to Reflect Iowa's Bread Basket

Aug 10, 2015

Instead of a compact disc, people who preordered The Awful Purdies' album, "All Recipes Are Home," got a different, but no less meaningful physical manifestation of the album--a packet of seeds.

"The people who preordered the album planted the seeds in the spring and at the record release on June 27th, you could see the photos of the food they’d already grown. People were actually eating the food they'd grown from the album," Katie Roche, a member of The Awful Purdies, says.

The album was made in conjunction with a play written and directed by Sean Lewis, also titled "All Recipes Are Home." In preparation, he and The Awful Purdies conducted interviews with Iowans all across the state involved in food production. He approached the band early on in the process.

"Food in my family is completely related to parties, and I was like, 'Maybe I'll just throw a party. And if I throw a party, then I'm going to need music.' And that's when I started to reach out to Katie and The Awful Purdies," Lewis says.

In this Talk of Iowa interview, host Charity Nebbe talks to Lewis and Roche about the process of creating "All Recipes Are Home."