Early Voting Totals Expected To Be Similar To Previous Elections

Oct 21, 2016

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is expecting early voting totals to be about the same as in past presidential elections, about 43-percent of Iowans voting before Election Day.

But Pate says he’s especially interested in the turn-out and voting preferences of millennial voters. 

“I think both parties are going to have their traditional base come out and vote,” Pate said during a taping of Iowa Public TV’s Iowa Press. “The ones who are going to decide the future the millennials, specifically the eighteen to twenty-six year olds. Watch that group. That’s my prediction. Watch that group. They haven’t made their mind up. They haven’t said, ‘I’m a Republican or a Democrat. They’re listening.”

Early voting began in Iowa on September 29.  It ends November 7.