Drake Democrats and Republicans Gather to Share Pizza and Watch GOP Debate

Sep 16, 2015

Though the tone in Washington maybe polarizing, college students in Des Moines from different sides of the aisle can still break bread...or share a pizza. 

About 65 students attended a pizza watch party of the CNN Republican Debate at Drake's Harvey Ingham Hall. The event was cohosted by the Drake College Republicans and Drake University Democrats.

"Our main focus is just to show that we can work together," says senior Bri Steirer, president of Drake Democrats. "I just love politics, so I obviously was going to watch...But we figured we'd make it a joint event. Why not?"

President of Drake College Republicans, sophomore Logan says it was nice to see the bipartisanship during the event.

"You know I was worried when I first came that there might be a little bit of tension between the two groups, but I think everyone was respectful," he says. "I hope we can do more events like this in the future."

Drake College Republicans and Drake University Democrats say they plan to collaborate on several events throughout the political season.

After the debate CNN's Randi Kaye met with a focus group of 40 likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers at the university's Cowles Library Reading Room.