Downtown Wilton Getting an Old-New Makeover

May 25, 2016

An eastern Iowa town of 2,800 people is investing in its future by reviving the past.

Wilton was recently awarded a $500,000 federal grant to restore its downtown.

That's money it plans to match through tax increment financing and funds from local businesses. 

Becky Allgood of the Wilton Development Corporation says she hopes that renovating the facades of 18 downtown buildings to their original 19th century aesthetic will draw new businesses to the community. Soon, structures will display features like original brickwork and iron columns. 

"There’s beautiful buildings underneath all that siding and cladding and whatever has been put on top of them," she says. 

Wilton is also in the process of getting it's downtown onto the National Register of Historic Places, which will make certain tax credits available.