DNR Steps Up Enforcement Of Drunken Boating Laws

Jun 23, 2016

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources and a number of other law enforcement agencies will be spending extra time on the state's waterways this weekend making sure boaters are in compliance with equipment and operating laws.
Credit U.S. Coast Guard

Operation Dry Water is set to begin Friday as state, federal, and local law enforcement continue to focus on the state’s boating while intoxicated laws and draw public attention to the hazards of boating under the influence.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Boating Law Administrator Susan Stocker says the campaign of focused enforcement will take place June 24-26 and consists of increased patrols, check points, and administration of breath tests. 

“Boating is a recreational activity,” Stocker says. “And we want people to still have fun. We also want to have a safe and sober boat operator while they’re out on the water so everyone comes home safely.”

Last year, one-third of  boating fatalities nationally involved alcohol and Stocker says “many of those victims were innocent bystanders”.  She also warns the effects of alcohol can easily be intensified on a boat due to motion from the waves, sun exposure, and dehydration.