A Different Sort Of Live Music Experience in Cedar Falls

Nov 10, 2014

Danika Holmes and Jeb Hart performing at Cedar Valley House Concerts in October 2014.
Credit Darice Mangin

If you're a fan of live music, or a performing musician, you might not think of a stranger's living room as a good choice for a performance venue. But that's exactly what's been happening in one Cedar Falls home for about six years.

Since 2008, Cedar Valley House Concerts has provided traveling singer-songwriters with a place to perform, along with a warm bed, an opportunity to do laundry, and other comforts that artists often miss while on tour. Open to the public, guests are asked for a small donation that goes directly to the artist, plus a side dish or snack to share.

IPR's Tony Dehner recently sat down and spoke with CVHC proprietor Darice Mangin, along with singer-songwriter Danika Holmes, to learn more about the house concert experience.  You can learn more about Cedar Valley House Concerts at their website, or on Facebook.