Demonstration Gardens Offer Ideas for Iowans

Jul 14, 2017

If you’re having trouble getting something to grow or just looking to gather new planting ideas for your garden, Iowa State University’s Extension and Outreach is a great local resource. This summer they are offering six opportunities across the state for Iowans to learn about gardening techniques and to ask questions about the plants in their gardens.

Iowa State University associate professor of horticulture, Cindy Haynes, says these demonstrations are an invitation to the public to see what kinds of plants ISU has been growing. Haynes says that this gives people an opportunity to sample and see plants they might be unfamiliar with, and it provides suggestions for plants that will be available for public purchase.

“We give them a plant list, we usually have some other things they can eat or try, and then they can ask questions about how things are growing in their garden as well.”

These demonstration gardens also serve a larger purpose. Master Gardener student, Laura Irish, explains that the food produced in these gardens is donated to local food pantries. Their goal is to collect 10,000 pounds this year.  

Later in this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe is joined by ISU Extension Horticulture Specialist, Richard Jauron, who answers questions from listeners.