Debt-Free College

Apr 22, 2015

University of Northern Iowa students, faculty and community members came together Wednesday to call on 2016 presidential candidates to support a national goal of debt-free education at institutions of higher learning. Americans for Democratic Action's Iowa organizer, Chris Schwartz says "we're here today to send a message to the presidential candidates whether it's Hilary Clinton or Ted Cruz that you need to come out and support the concept of debt-free college education if you want the support of students and the ADA in this caucus cycle." 

Schwartz says when students have to worry about paying off loans, it restricts career choices. He also says it limits the amount of money they're able to spend on other things which hurts the economy.

UNI Junior, Logun Buckley says he believes the student workforce should be an investment for government. He says "that's why I think we should have free quality education  if we're going to a public university. I'm from Iowa and I'm still going to have a large chuck of debt. iIcan't even imagine what someone who transfers into Iowa is dealing with ." 

The UNI  event is one of 10 being held across the nation.