Darwin Day

Jan 29, 2015

Charles Darwin has a birthday next month, and science lovers all over the world will take time to celebrate the man who unraveled so many of the mysteries surrounding our origins, and those of our fellow animals.

On this episode of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with three evolutionary biologists to get a preview of Iowa City’s Darwin Day celebration, talk about the message of the event, as well as Darwin’s legacy. They also talk about science literacy and how science is reported in the media.

"Scientific thinking...it's not just about science; it's a way of shaping how you think and how you approach the world," says Maurine Neiman, University of Iowa biologist and president-elect of Darwin Day. "Teaching anybody the principles of how logical thought works and how we can generate new information about the world will make them a better person who is better equipped to live the rest of their life."

Also joining the conversation are evolutionary biologists, Andrew Forbes of the University of Iowa, and Sean Carroll of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Carroll is one of Iowa City Darwin Day's speakers. More information on Carroll's talk and other Darwin Day events can be found here.